18 January 2020

Saturday, January 18th, 2020
Ceremony starts at 16:00h

Our story

Our story started when we met at a home party Robrecht hosted on June 26th 2014. Our mutual friends were all staying over. The star of the party wasn’t on the list yet so spontaneous as she is, Laura invited herself. She brought her silly jokes and glorious smile as the greatest gift for that evening so we took the time to get to know each other. During the next months our paths crossed from time to time. As time passed and the summer of ‘15 came, we grew closer and closer until..
  • 10th of September 2015Getting together

    We got together 3 days before Laura left on Erasmus to Spain for 6 months. We FaceTimed for hours and flew on and off to Santander.
  • July 2017Graduation trip

    Summer of ‘16 we spend three weeks together on the West Coast of the US. You can find our video here.
  • 1st of November 2017 We bought a house

    We bought a house in Mechelen after our first visit! Now we can call it home.
  • 26th of december 2018Robrecht asked Laura

    After dining in the lovely 'Tug' restaurant, Robrecht Asked Laura to become his wife.
  • 18th of January 2020Wedding

    We need you to write our next chapter together.

Wedding information

Our wedding

See all the info about where and when we say yes and celebrate

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The lodge where we suggest you to stay, has a couple of things you need to know about

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Namibia Explained


Visa, pasport and which shots you need before you leave for our wedding

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Our Experience

If you decide to stay a little longer, we have some tips and tricks for you

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